I grew up loud, always making jokes, always moving a mile a minute. I thought I was going to be a lawyer, then a comedian, then a flight attendant. Then I just wanted to do whatever my sister was doing - basketball, soccer, art. I took a soccer ball to the gut when I was 8 and that was just about the end of my athletic career. I moved to San Francisco after college and after a year I felt like it just wasn't my place. So I ended up chasing my clients around and spending time all over the West Coast. I ended up visiting Seattle a few times after leaving SF and in 2018 the opportunity to make the move just fell in my lap. I'm so so grateful I took a chance and found my home here. A few years later and I'm finally learning to slow down, take things as they come, and maybe move a little less than a mile a minute. Capturing love in the PNW is so special to me and sometimes I really can't believe I get to create art every day. 




Where to even begin? Having these people in my corner is a constant reminder of how lucky I am. My parents are pretty damn cool - they're currently exploring the continent in their sprinter van and sending epic photos from all the national parks I have yet to check off my list. They watched me save up for cameras since I was a kid and never doubted me for a second. Love you much M&D.




Let's be friends!


My older sister, Tay, is and always has been my best friend. We spent most of our childhood exploring our neighborhood creek and playing basketball in the court. She's a superb artist, a top notch friend and a genuinely selfless and wonderful soul. Our honorary brother, my only 1st cousin, Morgan, (pictured in the middle) is pretty f*kin cool too, so I made sure he made the cut. 

I've known this guy for over 12 years. If you know us, you know our story is a long one. But we ended up finding each other again (at a mountaintop wedding nonetheless) and the rest already feels like history. Reed is the best dog dad, bolognese maker, he's way smarter than the rest of us and my absolute favorite person to do life with. Thanks for making me laugh when I need it the most Reeda.

it's me...

I adopted Boone in August of 2019. He was picked up off the streets of Guadalajara and brought to Seattle with his mom. It was just a whim I had one day to go meet him and the moment I brought him home I knew I was in for a ride. Boone is the sweetest, goofiest, most animated and loving pup. And if you couldn't tell...  i'm obsessed with him.